Design selections

Colors & Finishes

Choose from our diverse palette of premium melamine finishes including flat color, woodgrain, textured grain, and high gloss.


Elevate your closet with our exquisite range of hardware and accessories.


Experience the art of design with our customizable door panel styles.


Add elegance and sophistication to your space through our various glass insert options.


Illuminate your custom closet with our expertly integrated lighting options.

Custom Design Services

Elevating lifestyle spaces since 1986, Carefree Design Center is your trusted local partner in custom room design. For almost four decades, we’ve been crafting high-quality, high-end solutions that redefine organization and elegance. Explore our extensive portfolio, which includes:

Custom Walk-In Closets

Experience the height of elegance with our sophisticated walk-in closet designs entirely customized to meet your needs.

Reach-In Closets

Maximize your space and style with custom reach-in closet solutions in secondary bedrooms.

Hallway & Linen Closets

Elevate your home’s functionality with our expertly designed hallway and linen closets.

Kitchen Pantries

Enhance ease and flow of your culinary space with beautifully crafted kitchen pantries.

Laundry & Mud Rooms

Find harmony and order in your home with highly functional custom laundry and mud rooms that conceal the clutter and streamline your day.

And More

We also do custom room design for home offices & craft rooms, entertainment centers, wall beds & convertible guest suites, garage storage & work benches. Take a look!

Pre-Design Checklist

Understanding the Project Scope

How many closets in this project?
New construction/renovation timeline (if applicable).
Review any obstacles present in/around each space.

Taking Inventory

How much hanging space is needed? Short hanging, long hanging?
How much drawer space is needed?
How much shelf space is needed for folded clothing?
How much shelf space is needed for larger items such as luggage or blankets?
How many pairs of shoes do you have? Do you plan to add to that? How many are boots?How many handbags do you have?
How many ties, belts, scarves, hats do you have?
How much jewelry do you have? – Discovering Client Preferences
Will any misc. items be stored in this closet? If so, how large/heavy?
Are any shoes or handbags kept in their boxes?
Is any additional security needed for jewelry and valuables?
Are pants kept folded over a hanger or clipped on a hanger?
What items are used daily and what items are used less often?

Reviewing Wishlist Items

Drawers – Deep
Drawers – Shallow
Velvet Jewelry Drawers
Divided Drawers
Slide out Baskets
Tilt Out Hamper
Pull Out Hamper
Slanted Shoe Shelves
Shoe stops & fences
Shelf divider
Pull-Out Pant Rack
Valet Rods
Sliding belt, tie, and scarf racks

Determining Materials & Finishes

Material color
Panel Style
Hardware finish
Glass & Mirror Inserts
Crown & Base Molding